How To Sew Computer Chair Cushion

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Elegant Computer Chair Cushion

Computer chair cushion makes your chair more comfortable and allowing you to sit on the chair for a longer period of time. Making a seat cushion that attaches to the bars of a rocking chair is a simple process. Measure the seat of the chair from side to side, and add 2 inches to this measurement. Measure the seat of the chair from the back of the seat to the edge and add 2 inches to this measurement.

Cut two rectangles of fabric, using the measurements that have been taken from the seat of the chair. Place the rectangles of fabric on top of each other, with the sides of the pattern facing each other. Sew along the edges of three of the sides, leaving about ½ inch seam allowance. Turn the computer chair cushion inside out.

Fill the cushion with cotton or polyester fill. Buy the filling of a craft store. Fold the raw edges of the pad down, and the closed pad pin. Sew the open part. Cut eight 8-inch long strips of tape. Sew two tapes to each corner of the computer chair cushion. Use the straps to tie each corner of the mattress to the legs of the chair.

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