How To Change Ergonomic Seat Cushion For Office Chair

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Modern Ergonomic Seat Cushion For Office Chair

Ergonomic seat cushion for office chair – Whether your dog will not stop digging in the same place on your couch or your child recently had a fruit punching accident, sometimes you have to replace a single pillow on the couch. In these cases you do not necessarily have to reupholster the entire sofa when simply replacing the dud pillow will fix your problem.


Find the right fabric to make an ergonomic seat cushion for office chair. To help you find the exact match, either take a sample of the fabric into the store or take some detailed pictures of your couch for reference. If you cannot find an exact match, try a two-color effect using a free fabric pattern. Remove the cover from the entire old pillow using a seam ripper, and use the old dress as a pattern to model your new fabric. Depending on the taste, you can either measure the original fabric pattern or then use these measurements to model a new lid.

Cut out the pattern from the new fabric. Use either a sewing machine or a needle and thread to sew your replica pattern together into a new lid. Wrap your ergonomic seat cushion for office chair with your new fabric and sew it closed.  If you find it hard to remember how to reattach the fabric pattern, try taking pictures of the old pillow after each row of stitches you remove. This way you will be able to remember how it was assembled when reinstalling the new one later. When chalking out the contours of the original pattern on the new fabric, make sure the new fabric is facing upside down.

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