Making Porch Swing Cushion

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Nice Porch Swing Cushion

Porch swing cushion add comfort to seating, and the button buffets add style to pillows. Cushions with buffets have buttons pulled down in the padded part of the pad, giving the padded extra dimension. Using clothing foam, you can make pillows to suit all types of seats. Buttons are put on both sides, so it is reversible


Measure and cut coat foam to the desired size. Porch swing cushion with foam like a pattern, cut two pieces of fabric in the same shape, add 1 inch around. Turn right side of fabric and sew three edges in the fabric, with 1/2 inch seams. Turn right side out. In foam in the fabric bag. Fold over the rough edges bent and hand-sew the opening. Step a 12-inch piece of string on the big needle. Leave one end longer than the others, but not knot. Hold several inches of thread on the underside.

When the needle is through porch swing cushion and is on top of the pad, insert the needle through the shaft of the button and replace the needle 1/4 inch away. From where the needle came up, steers the needle down 1/4 inch from the insertion point at the bottom. Pull the ends of the string properly. While still dragging the string, lift one end of the loose bottom string into the shaft of another button. Tie a knot and cut the ends close to the knot. Repeat-binding procedure where you want a button placed.

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